Marz-e por gohar

Marz-e Por Gohar (The Land Full of Treasures)

I intend to demonstrate the historical, political and social events in my homeland using the symbolic object of the crown to represent the potions of power in relation to what has been going on behind the scenes, either in favour of or against, the established source of authority in the form of monarchies and royal dynasties.

I have used the flag as an object representing national identity that conveys the historical background of a nation. The flag, through which I intend to show several over-lapped layers of social events and evolutions in the history of my country, is tattered, in pieces of fabric, or is used in a way which it is not visible completely. The audience, who may not have a certain or a clear idea about the flag they are facing, will act as the dominant outsiders, who have been always influential in the shifting situation of my country. They may see the flag, or juxtapose sheets of fabric in a way they imagine or prefer it to be.

Bahar Taheri, 2013 (statement in advance of exhibition).